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Library resources for Summer Bridge students (2022).


Introduction and Welcome

Welcome Bridge Scholars 

You are about to undertake a great new adventure as a UM student and as a Summer Bridge scholar (SBS). 
And we, at the UM Library, are excited to share the library's many resources with you. You can access a vast array of our resources from your home or anywhere you can get an internet connection. At your leisure, please explore the UM Library's website to learn more:  

Let's Get Started!

Becoming familiar with library research will help you write high quality papers, receive better grades, and become a more informed citizen. And, as a Bridge Scholar, it will help you to be a better student, writer and researcher.  Most students are adept at using Google or Wikipedia for their everyday lives but conducting academic research is different. It is a skill you will hone throughout your academic career.

This course will help you explore the library’s online environment and will help you find, evaluate, and use the best information for your academic work. 

Exploring your topic is an important first step in the research process. Reading background information about a topic helps you learn important facts and become more familiar with the context and issues around your topic. Here are some tips you can follow: 

  • Wikipedia or other articles on the web can provide a broad overview, but keep in mind that information on the Web is not always reliable.
  • News and magazine articles provide the most current information on a topic and editorials can give you an idea of the opposing sides of a topic.
  • As you explore a topic, try to find an aspect that is of interest to you on a personal level. That will make researching your topic much more interesting!

Choosing the right focus for a topic is also important! If your topic is too broad you will be overwhelmed with results and if your topic is too narrow you will have a hard time finding information.

Framing your topic as a question is always a good idea because it will help you clarify what information you are looking for and why.

You might have to tweak your topic based on the information you are finding. You might have to go through an exploratory cycle several times before you come up with a topic that will work well for your assignment. 

To do this you will complete the following steps in the research process:

  • Exploring a Topic
  • Finding Databases
  • Searching for Articles