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Women's Studies 315 / English 315

Supports the research needs of students currently enrolled in Women and Literature: Women's Studies 315 (WS315) / English 315 (ENG315).

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Doing Research for Women's Literature

Welcome to the research guide for Women and Literature. This guide has been designed to help students who are currently enrolled in WS315 (women's studies 315) / ENG315 (English 315).

A message to students from the Women's Studies Librarian:

The main purpose of this research guide is to help you find online primary texts for this class. Although you can find the complete copy of some older books when using Google, this guide will point you in the direction of finding complete online texts that you otherwise would never find. The University of Michigan Libraries subscribe to hundreds of databases, some of which can provide you with the complete electronic copy of a rare older text.

There is also a tab on this guide to help you find secondary sources for your research. The databases listed in this guide will point you in the direction of scholarly articles about your topic. If you are new to using databases, click on the tab above for Searching Databases to learn about various tips and tricks for finding information.

Although you can figure out quite a bit by just clicking on the tabs listed above and doing some searches, should you encounter any problems when trying to access resources, or if you run into any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will help you further. The best way to research me is by email. Click on the link listed with the contact information (right-hand side of the page), or email me at: If you need help right now, you can use to the chat box listed on the left-hand side to connect to a librarian (well, if the light is green that is) and a real person will help you.         

Good luck with your project!