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These are guildlines but as a general rule you will find articles are popular in:

These databases have both scholarly and popular articles:

These databases are considered scholarly and don't cover popular articles:





Scholarly or Popular?


Sometimes it is hard to tell whether you have a scholarly or a popular article when you are looking at an online full-text article. Here are some clues:



Journal - Scholarly

Magazine - Popular


Detailed report of original research or experiment. Secondary report or discussion may include personal narrative, opinion, anecdotes.


Author's credentials are given, usually a scholar with subject expertise. Author may or may not be named; often a professional writer; may or may not have subject expertise.


Scholars, researchers, students. General public; the interested non-specialist.


Specialized terminology or jargon of the field; requires prior knowledge. Vocabulary in general usage; understandable to most readers.



Required. All quotes and facts can be verified. Rare. Scanty, if any, information about sources.


Developmental Psychology Journal of Abnormal Psychology. Almost anything with Journal in the title. Usually come with memberships in scholarly societies and are only available in libraries. Psychology Today, Discover, news magazines. Almost anything available in a store.


What is Peer Reviewed?