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SW 522 - Basic Social Work Research

Course guide for SW 522 - Winter term 2016 Basic Social Work Research.


Welcome to the Social Work 522, Introduction to Social Work Research Guide.  This Research Guide is designed to help you with your assignments in this course. It may be edited and information added throughout the term.  If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment contact your librarian, Sue Wortman, using the information available at the right. I look forward to seeing you throughout your program here at University of Michigan.

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Course Description

Course Description from the syllabus ...

This course will provide content on the logic of inquiry and the necessity for an empirical approach to practice. The process of formulating appropriate research questions and hypotheses, techniques for testing relationships and patterns among variables, methods of data collection, methods to assess and improve the validity and reliability of data and measures, and the ethics of scientific inquiry will be addressed. This course will help students understand practice through the critical examination of methods associated with decision-making, critical thinking, and ethical judgment. The course content will integrate the core themes related to multiculturalism and diversity; social justice and social change; promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation; and behavioral and social science research.