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Library Research Guides

Spanish 488: Dictadura y Memoria en el Cono Sur

Provides resources and strategies to conduct research about dictatorial regimes and post-dictatorship struggles over memory in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

Finding books at U-M Library

Search the Mirlyn Catalog to find books available in print at the U-M Library and online. E-books are linked from catalog records.
BTW, catalog searches also identify journals (not articles), CDs, DVDs, videos, conference proceedings, microforms, U-M dissertations and many more kinds of publications.

HathiTrust is our digital library of some 10 million volumes that are full-text searcheable.

It is very useful to use the subjects that describe each publication in its catalog record. They will give you new search ideas and lead you to more publications on similar topics.

Looking beyond U-M Library

To expand your search, try the WorldCat to find books and other materials available at many other libraries world-wide. Books owned by U-M are identified, and it is easy to place an interlibrary loan request for the materials we don't own directly from the WorldCat record.

ILL link in WorldCat