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Jungwon Yang
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International Government Information and Public Policy Librarian
Clark Library, University of Michigan
Office: 734-936-2378


Canadian Government Information
by Jungwon Yang - Last Updated Sep 4, 2014
This library guide provides information related to Canadian executive, legislative, and judicial branches as well as statistics, census, and geospatial data of Canada.
Comparing Social Policies/Programs
by Sue Wortman, Jungwon Yang - Last Updated May 21, 2014
This is a guide to resources for the policy comparison assignment for Social Work 530 classes, Introduction to Social Welfare Policy and Services.
Tags: public_policy, social_work
by Catherine Morse, Jungwon Yang - Last Updated May 11, 2014
Research procedure for identifying books, journal and newspaper articles, campaign finances, advertising, public opinion polls, and election data.
Tags: government_information, political_science
European Union
by Jungwon Yang - Last Updated May 7, 2014
This guide is a collection of resources and information regarding the The European Union and the countries within and effected by it.
Tags: european_studies, european_union, european_union_studies, international_studies
Finding Statistics
by Catherine Morse, Jungwon Yang - Last Updated Sep 8, 2014
Find statistics produced by government on a wide variety of topics.
Tags: best_bet, data, government, government_information, government_politics_and_law, statistical_facts_and_figures, statistics, statistics_and_data_sets
GIS, Map and Statistics: China
by Liangyu Fu, Nicole Scholtz, Jungwon Yang - Last Updated Apr 29, 2014
This research guide provides geospatial data, maps, and statistics resources regarding China.
Tags: chinese_studies, east_asian_studies, geography databases, geography_and_maps
GIS, Map and Statistics: Korea
by Yunah Sung, Jungwon Yang - Last Updated May 28, 2014
The research guide provides map, statistics, and GIS data resources with regard to Korea.
Tags: data, geospatial journals, gis, korean_studies, maps, statistics, statistics_and_data_sets
Instructor College: Instruction Resources
by Angie Oehrli, Diana Perpich, Jungwon Yang - Last Updated Jun 10, 2014
This research guide provides a variety of instruction resources for instructors, especially for library instructors
Tags: active learning, information literacy, instruction, instructional technology, learning theory, one-shot workshop, teacher_education
Library Tips for Public Policy Faculty
by Jungwon Yang - Last Updated Sep 2, 2014
This library guide provides information related to library services for faculty of Ford School of Public Policy
Tags: faculty, public_policy
Public Policy
by Catherine Morse, Jungwon Yang - Last Updated Mar 24, 2014
This subject guide provides a starting point for research in public policy.
Tags: best_bet, government_politics_and_law, international_public_policy, public_policy, science_policy, state_and_local_policy, u.s._domestic_policy
U.S. Census and Demographic Information
by Catherine Morse, Jungwon Yang - Last Updated Jun 26, 2014
A general guide to understanding and finding demographic data produced by the U.S. Census Bureau
Tags: best_bet, census_data, government, government_information, government_politics_and_law, state_and_local_policy, statistical_facts_and_figures, statistics, statistics_and_data_sets
United Nations
by Catherine Morse, Jungwon Yang - Last Updated Mar 20, 2014
Guide to finding United Nations information online and in the Government Documents Center
Tags: government_information, international_government_information, international_studies
United States Government Information
by Catherine Morse, Jungwon Yang - Last Updated May 29, 2014
This guide will help users find primary source information, documents, reports or publications produced by the legislative, executive and judicial branches of US federal government.
Tags: best_bet, government, government_information, government_politics_and_law, primary_sources, u.s._domestic_policy, u.s._government_information, united_states


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