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COMM 102 Media Processes and Effects
by Shevon Desai - Last Updated Mar 2, 2015
Suggested resources for Comm 102 course on media processes and effects.
Tags: communication_studies, course_guide, education, health_communications, mass_media, media, politics, subject:communications course:102 instructor:campbell
Comm 350: The Rise of Mass Culture
by Shevon Desai - Last Updated Mar 19, 2015
Suggested resources that will be helpful for Derek Vaillant's class, Communication Studies 350. Topics include the media, history, society and culture, advertising, television, radio, etc.
Comm 491 and 492: Senior Honors Seminar
by Shevon Desai - Last Updated Mar 17, 2015
Suggested resources for honors communication studies students. These are starting points for doing research related to mass media, journalism, social media, the news media, television, film, and others.
Tags: communication_studies, literature_review, research_methods, research_tips
Communication Studies
by Shevon Desai - Last Updated Mar 17, 2015
Find resources related to mass media and communication, including health communication, political communication, gender and race, global and new media, media policy, social media, journalism, and print and broadcast history, among other topics.
Tags: best_bet, communication, communication_studies, communications, film, health_communications, international_news, journalism, mass_media, media, movies, news_and_current_events, social_sciences, television, tv
DAAS/COMM 487: African Americans in Popular Culture
by Shevon Desai - Last Updated Feb 25, 2015
Suggested resources for the "Course Design" assignment, for Professor Robin Means Coleman's COMM 487/AAS 487 course.
Tags: african_american_studies, american_culture, popular culture, subject:communications course:487 instructor:coleman
Information & Library Science
by Shevon Desai - Last Updated May 8, 2015
A guide of useful resources for U-M School of Information (UMSI) students, and for research in the interdisciplinary field of information and library science.
Tags: archives, archives & record management, best_bet, best_bets, human_computer_interaction, informatics, information_architecture, information_science, information_studies, library_science, preservation, usability, user_experience
Knight Wallace Journalism Fellows
by Shevon Desai - Last Updated Sep 15, 2014
A guide to the numerous resources - articles, books, electronic databases, visual media, music and more - offered by the University Library. Organized by general categories of interest (see "Resources by Subject").
Michigan in the World: Bombs, Bonds and Boycotts
by Beau Case, Shevon Desai - Last Updated May 4, 2015
A guide to secondary sources, reference works and additional resources for students researching Michigan involvement in World War I.
News Sources
by Shevon Desai - Last Updated Mar 19, 2015
Recommended resources and search tips for finding news in a variety of formats. Includes how to find international newspapers, historical newspapers, articles with a particular viewpoint, how to evaluate sources, and much more.
Tags: academic_and_specialized_news, best_bet, best_bets, business_news, conservative_and_liberal_perspectives, historical_news_sources, international_news, michigan_news, news, news_&_current_events, news_magazines, news_media, newspapers, u.s._news
SI 110: Introduction to Information Studies
by Shevon Desai - Last Updated May 13, 2014
Suggested resources for students in SI 110. Find general resources on topics such as technology, library and information science, and computer science. Use the "reference sources" to help you with the Wikipedia assignment.
Tags: communication, information, information_science, information_studies
SI 501 Contextual Inquiry and Project Management
by Shevon Desai - Last Updated Jan 21, 2015
This guide offers suggested resources and search strategies for finding information to complete Task 3, the client background research report. Winter 2015.
Tags: information_science, information_studies
SI 623: Research Methods for Information Professionals
by Shevon Desai - Last Updated Apr 14, 2015
Suggested resources and tools related to research methods in library, archival and information science. These will help you with the literature review component of your final research proposal assignment. Professor: Shevon Desai, Winter 2015
Tags: course_guide, information_science, library_science, research_methods


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