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ANTHRBIO 368/PSYCH 338: Fall 2017

Resources for studying the social behavior of primates, including links to suggested resources and source citation help.

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Select Databases

The following databases (indexes) are particulary useful for finding information on primate social behavior.  There is no one-database-fits-all so repeating the same search across two or more databases is necessary in order to do a thorough search of the research literature. 


Zoological Record

  • Specialized index of journal articles focusing on zoological and animal science literature, covering research from biochemistry to veterinary medicine. Also covers taxonomy and classification.
  • Contains over 4,500 international serial publications, plus books, meetings, reviews and other non serial literature from over 100 countries.
  • Journal coverage from 1864 to present.

  For more information, go to the factsheet.

    ISI Web of Science

    • A multi-disciplinary collection of several databases including: Science Citation Index, Arts & Humanities Index, Social Sciences Index.
    • Covers biology, zoology, psychology as well as other disciplines.
    • Provides features such as Cited Reference searching.
    • Dates of coverage varies with each database. 

    PsycInfo / PsycArticles 

    • Contains journal articles, book chapters, books, dissertations and technical reports in the field of psychology.
    • Includes information about the psychological aspects of related disciplines such as medicine, psychiatry, nursing, sociology, education, pharmacology, physiology, linguistics, sports psychology, anthropology, business and law. 
    • Includes international material selected from more than 2,100 periodicals in over 35 languages.
    • Journal coverage  from 1887 to present.
    • PsycArticles is a subset of PsycInfo and contains more than 110,000 searchable full-text articles from 60 scholarly journals.  Journal coverage from 1894.

    Biosis Previews

    • The leading index to scholarly journal literature in biology (eg. botany, ecology) and related fields in the life sciences.
    • Also indexes books, book chapters, conferences and technical reports.
    • Covers over 5,000 journals in the life sciences.
    • Contains over 13 million records from 1955 to present.

    Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management

    • A multidisciplinary database with abstracts and citations drawn from over 6000 serials on ecology and pollution
    • Includes scientific journals, conference proceedings, reports, monographs, books and government publications

    Web Resources

    Finding the Zoological Record Thesaurus

    Though you can find controlled vocabulary within any individual Zoological Record article record, you might want to search for controlled vocabulary terms before you begin your search.  To find the thesaurus, you must:

    1. Enter a search term in the search box (in the example below, chimpanzee* is the search term entered)

    2. In the corresponding term type box (defaulting to "Topic"), use the chevron on the right to find a pull down menu.  

    3. Scroll down the menu, and find the "subject descriptors" option.

    4. Select the "subject descriptors" option, then notice the "Select from Thesaurus" link that appears under that setting.

    5. Click the "Select from the Thesaurus" link to browse the thesaurus hierarchy for subject, geographical, palaeontological, systematic, and taxa notes categories.

    A Word about Indexes, Catalogs and Google

    Indexes / Catalogs

    Indexes (AKA databases):

    • They filter the literature to collect articles only from authoritative sources or subject relevant sources.
    • They "browse" thousands of journals efficiently.
    • They glimpse the articles inside the journals.
    • They give results per parameters you specify.
    • Journals contained in these indexes may or may not be subscribed to by the University of Michigan.


    Mirlyn is the catalog of the University of Michigan.  All book and journal titles listed here are owned or subscribed to by the University. There are currently two versions of Mirlyn:  new Mirlyn and Mirlyn Classic. 

    Why not Google?

    Anyone can publish a website.  Information contained in these websites is not necessarily authoritative, current or unbiased.  Some websites can offer good background information for a topic, but are not appropriate for inclusion into a scholarly research paper.  

    For more information, go to Guide to Evaluating Websites 

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    Each evaluation form has the section number included with the course name and number.  Please select the evaluation form corresponding to the section you're in. 


    AnthrBio 362 Web Resources

    These additional web resources should only be used by students in AnthrBio 362, not those in 368

    Anthropology Journals

    The Online Journals & Newspapers List contains an Anthropology category. 

    Make a note of the date range (holdings) for any journal you wish to search.  While many are open-ended (ie we still subscribe to the title),  some titles are only available online for a specific time period.  


    This guide was originally created for the University Library by Jean Jones.