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Library Research Guides

Political Science 381: Political Science Research Design

Guide for Political Science 381

What we'll cover today

Finding Books

Find books in Mirlyn, the library’s catalog

Find things that are in the library’s collection

–      Books (including e-books)

–      Journals (including e-journals)

–      Databases

–      DVDs

–      Maps

–      Data Sets

Tips for searching Mirlyn

  • Search for books by keyword, subject, title, author, etc.
  • Put phrases in quotation marks:  "hurricane katrina"
  • Use an asterisk for truncation (any ending of a term):  communicat* will find communication, communicates, communicating, communicator, etc.
  • To search for ANY  of a group of terms, use OR and parentheses:  (movies OR film OR cinema)
  • To search for ALL terms, use AND:  violence AND movies
  • Combine the above strategies:  violence AND (movies OR film OR cinema OR "motion pictures")