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Political Science 326: American State Government

Guide for Political Science 326, American State Government taught by Professor Jenna Bednar

Subject Guide

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Tips for Searching Mirlyn for State Info

To find books on state government try using a subject search in Mirlyn.

[State] politics and government

e.g. California Politics and Government

You can also search Mirlyn using the State as the Author.  If you find that you're getting hits from non-governmental state associations then try searching with a state agency or legsilature as the author

e.g. Michigan Legislature

e.g. Michigan Dept. of Education


State Manuals/Blue Books

State of Michigan Websites

State of Michigan Official Web Site

Directory of Websites for State of Michigan -  A breakdown of content areas, agencies and branches of government.

Citizen's Guide to State Government (.pdf). Published by the Michigan Legislature.

  • Find your representatives 
  • How a bill becomes a law
  • State committees and subcommittees
  • Contact information for Michigan departments (e.g. Dept. of Agriculture, Education, Corrections, Civil Rights)

Using Google to Search State Websites

You can restrict a Google search to a specific domain by adding site:domain.  Most states follow the [state name].gov domain convention but it's good to double check.  To search for foreclosure prevention information from the State of Michigan website you could try Googling: "foreclosure prevention"