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Library Research Guides


Use this research guide as a starting point for conducting background research for your MHEAL project.

Tips on Library Searches

  • A well-planned and executed literature search takes time, but it will also save time.  Engineers can build off of others' successes and failures by reviewing publications and learning something about solutions to problems that have already been tried before beginning experimentation in the lab.


  • Engineering research is not a simple Google search.  Google cannot give you access to materials behind paywalls. The UM Library makes these materials available to you through subscriptions to resources such as the Engineering Index (see Finding Background Information and Finding Articles tabs for more library resources).


  • Ask for help early in your process.  A good search strategy is more efficient than a poor one, and will help you avoid spending time looking in the wrong place or looking at material that is too challenging to interpret.


  • Ask the subject librarians for help!  Librarians can help you to find the right resources for your research, help you construct search strategies, and help you locate the materials that you have selected from your search results.  We are here to help you!

Scholarly Publications Presentation

Slides from the Scholarly Publications Presentation by Joanna Thielen. Feel free to contact Joanna ( or Paul ( with any questions. 

Library Resources