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Library Research Guides

International Studies 498 Senior Honors

Senior Honors Proseminar taught by Anthony Marcum Fall 2017

What we'll cover today

Finding Books

Find books in Mirlyn, the library’s catalog

Find things that are in the library’s collection

–      Books (including e-books)

–      Journals (including e-journals)

–      Databases

–      DVDs

–      Maps

–      Data Sets

Tips for searching Mirlyn

  • Search for books by keyword, subject, title, author, etc.
  • Put phrases in quotation marks:  "hurricane katrina"
  • Use an asterisk for truncation (any ending of a term):  communicat* will find communication, communicates, communicating, communicator, etc.
  • To search for ANY  of a group of terms, use OR and parentheses:  (movies OR film OR cinema)
  • To search for ALL terms, use AND:  violence AND movies
  • Combine the above strategies:  violence AND (movies OR film OR cinema OR "motion pictures")