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Word Analysis English 125: Getting Started

Useful resources for completing the Word History and Analysis assignment in Kelly Allen's English 125 class.

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Useful Resources

This guide has library resources to help you in your research for your Essay 2: Word History and Analysis assignment:

"For this assignment, you will write a definition essay on a word or phrase. The goal of your paper is to move beyond a standard dictionary definition to a more complex understanding of your subject. In short, this is a process of redefinition. You want to make us see your subject in a new light—to change our perspective on the topic..."

To research word usage over time, you may need to use several types of resources: reference works like specialized dictionaries, databases that cover the popular press, and databases that cover more scholarly literature.

Reference Sources:

Online Oxford English Dictionary:
COCA: Corpus of Contemporary American English:
COHA: The Corpus of Historical American English:
Online Urban Dictionary:
Merriam Webster Dictionary: in print in the Undergraduate Library, reference collection and stacks: PE 1628 .W38 2003
Juba to Jive: The Dictionary of African-American Slang, by Clarence Majors: Hatcher Graduate Reference Rm. - 2nd floor North, PE 3727 .N4 M24 1994
The Queen’s Vernacular: A Gay Lexicon, by Bruce Roger: Hatcher Graduate Library stacks, HQ 9 .R69

Databases of Popular Literature

ProQuest Research Library
   More info:
   Direct link:

ProQuest News & Current Events
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   Direct link:

Databases of Scholarly Literature

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)
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   Direct link:

Modern Language Association International Bibliography (MLAB)
   More info:
   Direct link:

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