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Michael J. and Leslee C. Perlstein Editing Room

Learn how to use the Editing Room with this in-depth guide.


Welcome to the Michael J. and Leslee C. Perlstein Editing Room


The Editing Room is a space designed specifically for those editing video and graphics. This room is available to students, faculty, and staff who are working with video and other graphic applications. This room features two stations; one for video and the other for graphics and animation. Learn more about the room here.


Editing Room Etiquette

  • Reservations are recommended for this room. Please reserve this room for only video and multimedia purposes - not open study.
  • If you have a reservation, knock on the door and politely inform any persons using the space that you have a reservation.
  • Reservations take priority. If someone has a reservation, we ask that you vacate the room for the duration of their reservation.
  • Reservations are for both computer stations.
  • If you are using this room as an open study space, please yield it to persons who need to use the space for its intended video and media editing purposes.
  • Do not bring any outside furniture, such as lamps, tables, or chairs, into the room.
  • Do not set any items on top of equipment.
  • Do not move or unplug any equipment.
  • If playing audio, be sure to keep audio levels to where your audio stays within the room and does not disturb others within the library.
  • Return any checked-out or lost-and-found items to Circulation Desk.
  • Report any malfunctioning, damaged, or missing items you see to



Looking for something?

Looking for something in the Tech Suites but cannot find it? Chances are it's at the Ciruclation Desk!

Cintiq HD Tablet stylus

Check-out the Stylus pen for the Cintiq HD Tablet Display with your MCard at the Shapiro Circulation Desk.

Feedback and Comments

We are constantly looking at ways to improve library facilities and learning spaces so that they can best accomodate the needs of students, staff, and faculty.

Please feel free to send any comments or suggestions to!


The Michael J. and Leslee C. Perlstein Editing Room is always open during Shapiro Library hours and patrons may use the room on a first come, first served basis. 

To ensure that the room will be available when you need it, make a reservation! Use the following link to go to the registration system:

Click here to create a new reservation

First time? Go to the help page here!

  • Requests must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance and there are no same day reservations.

  • You may reserve the space for up to 2 hours per reservation. 

  • Reoccurring reservations are not allowed.


Note that all reservations for the day are posted outside the Presentation Practice room beside the door. If someone has a reservation for the room, they have priority. If you have a reservation for the space and another patron is currently using it, please be polite and inform them of your reservation.