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Library Research Guides

PSYCH 325: Practicum in the Multicultural Community

Fall 2017

Historical Resources

Note: Some of the Census and data sources provide historical statistics.



Images of America Book Series

Images of America, Detroit's Mexicantown book coverThe book series Images of America, from Acadia Publishing, specializes in photographic chronicles of local history. Many Detroit areas, ethnic groups, and organizations are featured in this series.

Here is a Mirlyn library catalog search that lists many relevant titles from the series:

series:images of america AND; subject:detroit

Many of these titles are building use only at the Bentley Historical Library. If you want a copy to take out, you could also check availability at the Ann Arbor District Library or make an interlibrary loan request.


Mirlyn Library Catalog

There are many books about Detroit which may contain relevant information about your neighborhood. Search in Mirlyn to identify titles of interest.

Bentley Historical Library

The Bentley Historical Library is located on North Campus and serves two functions: (1) to serve as the official archives of the University and (2) to document the history of the state of Michigan and the activities of its people, organizations and voluntary associations.

Materials held at the Bentley are all building use only.


Detroit History Links

Links compiled and copied from the Detroit library research guide.