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American Culture 698: Methodologies, Research and Academic Writing

Guide for course which addresses the linked and complex processes of research, interpretation and writing

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This guide offers tips for graduate students looking to publish their research in a variety of formats. In addition to consulting this guide, we highly recommend contacting a librarian in your subject area for guidance and advice specific to your field of study. While some of the services linked to in this guide are limited to the University of Michigan community, we have also included general advice and information relevant to graduate students everywhere.

Services & Resources for Graduate Students at U-M

Take advantage of the wide variety of University of Michigan services for graduate students who need help with their writing, research, and teaching. 

Suggested Reading

Understanding Your Rights as an Author

When you write an article, book, chapter, or other scholarly work, your publisher will ask you to sign an author's agreement. This document is sometimes also called a "publication agreement," or "copyright transfer agreement." This document will typically include a statement about who owns the copyright to the written work in question, any other (exclusive or non-exclusive) rights granted to you as the author and those reserved by your publisher, as well as terms for royalties (if applicable), and preferred methods of citation for the work.

Many author's agreements ask you to sign over your copyright to the publisher, making them the copyright holder for the written work in question. If you are agreeing to sign over your copyright, it is important to make sure you retain certain rights to your work. Things to look for include:

  • the ability to put a copy of the work on your personal website
  • the ability to deposit a copy of the work in your institutional repository
  • the ability to republish the work in another form in the future
  • the ability to use, reproduce, and distribute the work in your teaching and professional activities (such as conference presentations and lectures)
  • the moral right to be recognized as the author of a work 

If you have questions about what your author's agreement means, contact the Copyright Office. If your author's agreement does not allow you to retain the rights listed above, you can use the U-M Author's Addendum to modify your author's agreement.