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African American Studies 202: Introduction to Afro-Caribbean Studies

The course introduces studients to Afro-Caribbean fiction writers

What is Plagiarism

There are some actions that can almost unquestionably be labeled plagiarism. Some of these include buying, stealing, or borrowing a paper (including, of course, copying an entire paper or article from the Web); hiring someone to write your paper for you; and copying large sections of text from a source without quotation marks or proper citation.

But then there are actions that are usually in more of a gray area. Some of these include using the words of a source too closely when paraphrasing (where quotation marks should have been used) or building on someone's ideas without citing their spoken or written work. Sometimes teachers suspecting students of plagiarism will consider the students' intent, and whether it appeared the student was deliberately trying to make ideas of others appear to be his or her own.

Here are  some links to website to help you understand and avoid PLAGIARISM;

Purdue University Writing Lab

UM Sweetland Writing Center Beyond Plagiarism

Avoiding Plagiarism