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English 451: The Marriage Plot (Adela Pinch)

This is a guide to digital collections and scholarly sources for Adela Pinch's English 451: The Marriage Plot course.

Mirlyn Book Record

All the basic information about an item is included in the Mirlyn record.

Using Subject Terms to Find Primary Sources in Mirlyn

You can enhance your searches in Mirlyn by using subject terms that describe materials according to type.  If you enter your topic as a keyword (i.e., in the “all fields” field) in Mirlyn’s advanced search, you can also add subject terms that will specify a type of material related to that topic.

For example, if you are looking for travel narratives written by British travelers to China in the 18th century, you might begin by looking for China as a subject and "description and travel" as a subject. You can also limit the publication date to 1700 to 1799 (although this means that you won't see books that are reprintings of earlier travel narratives).

You can also add date ranges (e.g., 19th century) and geographic regions (Africa) as subject terms to focus in on the time period or area you are researching: e.g., biography AND “19th century” AND Norway.

Subject Terms that specify types of materials:

  • archival resources
  • archives
  • atlases
  • bibliography
  • biography
  • broadsides
  • case studies
  • charts, diagrams
  • concordances
  • correspondence
  • description and travel (for travel narratives)
  • diaries
  • dictionaries
  • encyclopedias
  • handbooks, manuals, etc.
  • illustrations
  • indexes
  • manuscripts—catalogs
  • maps
  • newspapers
  • periodicals 
  • personal narratives
  • photograph collections
  • pictorial works
  • portraits
  • sermons
  • sources
  • speeches, addresses, etc.
  • statistics
  • voyages and travels


Mirlyn, the library catalog, is useful for finding both primary and secondary sources. You can use the same search strategies listed in the databases tab.