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History 313: The Revolutionary Century: France, 1789-1900

This guide supports student research projects for Professor Cole's History 313/French 344 class on the French Revolution.

Books in Mirlyn

Library of Congress Call Numbers

University Library collections relating to the history of France are particularly rich, with strengths in social and local history. The primary call number range for French History is "DC" and the breakdown below may provide some guidance for browsing.

But please note that works related to French history may also be classified in other areas outside of DC. Works that are transnational or related primarily to interdisciplinary topics in art, gender studies, literary studies, or other areas, will have other classifications. 

DC131 - DC138 generally covers the 18th century, 1715-1789.

DC139 - DC249 generally covers the revolutionary and Napoleonic periods, 1789-1815.

DC251 - DC326.5 covers 1815 - 1871.

F1912 - F1930 covers Haiti.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Works in Mirlyn are described using the controlled vocabulary of LCSH. You can do basic searches across "all fields" in Mirlyn or restrict to subject only. You can also construct advanced searches in which you combine subject headings with terms that may appear anywhere or in other specified fields (title, author, etc.).

Sample subject headings that may help include:

France--History--Revolution 1789-1799

France--History--Revolution 1789-1799--Sources

France --History --Reign of Terror, 1793-1794

France--Politics and Government--1789-1799

Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769-1821

Haiti--History--Revolution, 1791-1804

Slave insurrections--Caribbean area

Electronic Books

All electronic books are cataloged in Mirlyn. The best way to find them is to search within Mirlyn, the same way that you search for print books. When you link into ebook platforms from Mirlyn, you will be prompted to authenticate with your U-M login credentials. If you would like to search specifically for ebooks, you can use the "available online" limiter in Mirlyn, or you may try searching within the following ebook platforms:


Searching for Books in Mirlyn: The Basics

In order to find books in the library catalog (Mirlyn), start at

From the basic search screen, you can search by author, title, keyword (all fields), or subject.

From the advanced search screen, you can combine searches.  For example, you can search for a book by a particular author with a specific keyword in the title.  You can also limit by library, publication date, language, etc.

Search Strategies:

  • An asterix (*) or question mark (?) can be used to truncate search terms, i.e., to find words that have a common root.  Use an asterix for multiple letters (minim* will find minimum, minimize, minimal) and a question mark for single letters (wom?n will find both woman and women).
  • Use quotation marks to search for exact phrases ("ocean tourism").
  • You can use a connector (AND, OR, or NOT) to widen or limit your search.

Mirlyn Book Record

All the basic information about an item is included in the Mirlyn record.

French Revolution at the Grass Roots

Presented in a fully searchable English and French edition, this bibliography provides both a guide to and critical assessment of local studies of the French Revolution published since the Bicentenary (between about 1980 and 1995). All pamphlets, books, and articles obtained during the course of research were donated to the University Library by the author.

Follow this link to search or browse the bibliography: