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Primary Sources in International Studies

Find and use primary sources in research conducted by international studies students.


This guide was created to help international studies students find and use primary sources in their research.

Guide contents mirror the steps of the research process: click a tab above or a link in the "Guide Contents" box below that fits your current stage in the process.

Guide Contents

What Is a Primary Source?

Learn how to recognize primary sources and differentiate them from secondary sources.

Background Research

Do some initial research on your topic to help you get started.

Search Strategies

Some tips to help you in your search for primary sources.

Where to Look

Some starting points for where to look for primary sources.

Language Barrier

How to work around a language barrier when looking for international primary sources.

Using Sources in Your Project

Some tips to help you make the most out of the primary sources you find.

Want More Help?

Librarians are here to help at any stage in the research and writing processes.

International Studies

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International Studies at the Library

This guide was created for the International Studies unit of the University of Michigan Library.

For more in-depth research help, make an appointment with a subject specialist in your area of interest (see the "Want More Help?" page for links to librarians' contact pages).