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Library Research Guides

String Resources

This is a guide to locating information and materials related to string instruments in the Music Library.

Audio & Video Recordings

The Music Library holds many audio and video recordings that feature the viola.  Below are some tips to locating these items.

You can conduct a subject search in Mirlyn by using some of the subject headings below.  The results should list those items that contain your search terms somewhere within the assigned subject for those items.  Be sure to place your search terms in quotes for more exact results.  Once you have a list of results, refine your search results by format.  On the left side of the results list under Format, select the audio or video format you desire.

You can also conduct a keyword (i.e. All Fields) search on "viola" in Mirlyn and then limit your results by format; however, be aware that the search results include materials that may only mention the viola.

If you haven't found what you are seeking, try widening your scope by substituting other terms for "viola," such as "musical instruments" and "string instruments".  Also, for chamber ensemble music, you can use "String trios" (or "string quartets", etc.) to locate items with all string instrumentation and use "Trios" (or "Quartets", etc.) to locate items with mixed instrumentation (ex., wind and strings).  Please note that these are general terms and phrases that can lead you to more specific terms and phrases connected to items that feature the viola.

Online Audio Resources

The Music Library subscribes to a number of online streaming databases that include audio recordings featuring the viola.