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Women's Studies 240: Introduction to Women's Studies: Home

This guide has been created to support the research needs of students currently taking Women's Studies 240: Introduction to Women's Studies (ws240).

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Guide Overview

Welcome to the research guide for Introduction to Women's Studies. This guide has been designed to help students who are currently enrolled in WS240 (women's studies 240).

A message to students from the Women's Studies Librarian:

Here you will learn to find and use the library's catalog (Mirlyn) which shows you all of the items owned by libraries on campus. You will also learn what it means to look for "peer-reviewed" or "scholarly" resources which are required for you to use to your course assignments. Additionally, you'll be encouraged to use a variety of databases as a way to find relevant articles for your assignment. Many of you are familiar with using Google to find information, but learning how to find and use databases will give you access to information you wouldn't otherwise be able find when using a basic search engine.

Finding scholarly resources using the tools outlined in this guide will help you complete your assignment, and hopefully result in a better grade.  

Good luck with your research!


Meredith Kahn
Women's Studies & Publishing Services Librarian
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