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PSYCH 381: Advanced Lab in Social Psychology: Introduction

A course guide for Psych 381, taught in Fall 2015 by Prof. Kathrin Hanek

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Please consult this related Research Guide if you'd like to explore more tools and resources for finding information.

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Psych 381 Research Guide

This guide will help you get started with your papers for Psych 381.

About the library lab session

Today's library lab will give you an opportunity to learn searching techniques that will help you to complete your literature review. During the lab, we will:

  • discuss methods for finding background information on your topic
  • learn advanced tips for finding relevant research articles in scholarly journals
  • learn how to identify and find tests & measurement instruments for your study
  • spend some time practicing these search skills

After today's lab session, please feel free to ask for help at the reference desks at Shapiro Undergrad Library or the Hatcher Graduate Library, via the Ask a Librarian instant messaging service, or direct your questions to the Psychology Librarian (Susan Turkel).


Research Project: Literature Search component

  • The goal for this stage is to gain an understanding of important theories and studies on your topic so that you can narrow down your research area in light of research that has already been completed. 
  • You want your study to focus on an original research question that does not appear to have been researched (well) before.
  • Be sure to identify both recent research and important older literature relevant to your subject.  If all of the recent studies cite a specific author or older study, please track down the older study and incorporate it into your review.

For more detailed information, consult the Research Project guidelines located on CTools.

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