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Library Research Guides

Popular Culture

Provides resources for popular culture research at the University of Michigan.

Help Finding Articles

SEARCH TIPS for Mirlyn, library databases, and the web (applicable to many search engines, including Google, but not all)

  • Put phrases in quotation marks:  "hurricane katrina"
  • Use an asterisk for truncation (any ending of a term):  communicat* will find communication, communicates, communicating, communicator, etc.
  • To search for ANY  of a group of terms, use OR and parentheses:  (movies OR film OR cinema)
  • To search for ALL terms, use AND:  violence AND movies
  • Combine the above strategies:  violence AND (movies OR film OR cinema OR "motion pictures")

FIND ARTICLES - ArticlesPlus

Click on the "ArticlesPlus" tab above the search box on the library website. ArticlesPlus is your gateway to finding all sorts of articles, including ones from scholarly journals, newspapers, magazines, and trade publications.

Top 12 Databases for Popular Culture Research

Popular culture articles can be found in a wide variety of academic journals and databases. The dozen databases listed below are some of the most popular, and helpful, databases with significant popular culture content.

Additional Databases for Popular Culture Research

Couldn't find what you were looking for in one of the Top 12 databases listed above? Don't despair!

Below is a more comprehensive list of popular culture databases. You may need to try searching in a more specialized database to find information on uncommon or obscure topics.