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Popular Culture: Getting Started

Guide to Popular Culture Resources at the University of Michigan.

What's Pop and What's Not?

Marilyn Monroe, by Andy Warhol 1964

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Research on popular culture can be challenging because of the interdisciplinary nature of the subject. This guide defines popular culture as mass-produced materials that are representative of aspects of mainstream culture, including movies, music, television shows, literature, comic books and video games.


Welcome to the Popular Culture at MLibrary guide! Here you will find help identifying and locating the impressive array of resources available at the University of Michigan pertaining to popular culture scholarship and research. This guide is organized by both information type (i.e. articles, books, etc) and by media type under the appropriate tab.


This information was researched and adapted to this guide by University Library Associate for Learning and Teaching, Maria Seiferle-Valencia.

Did You Know?

The Askwith Media Library 25,000 titles that you can check out? Learn more here.


You can play games with friends at the Computer Video Game Archive on North Campus? Check it out!


The Aliens have landed! UM's Special Collections Library recently acquired an archive from famed sci-fi writer Orson Welles! Read about it here.

Popular Culture Classes at UMich

Want to learn more about popular culture? Looking for a fun class? You can find popular culture classes across a wide variety of departments and disciplines. Some departments, listed below, may offer more classes directly related to pop culture.



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