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PSYCH 438: Hormones and Behavior: Introduction

Tools and techniques for finding information for Psychology 438, taught in Winter 2015 by Prof. Jennifer Cummings

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Please consult this related Research Guide if you'd like to explore more tools and resources for finding information.

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Psych 438 Research Guide

This guide will help you get started with your papers for Psych 438.

  • Topic Ideas - browse the latest articles from some of the top journals in the field

  • Getting Background Info - great place to find specialized encyclopedias - excellent sources of an overview of your topic and info on important prior research
  • Other Article Sources - Help for using PubMed, Web of Science and Google Scholar to find articles.  (Never pay for journal articles!  See these pages to find out how to get them for free!)

  • Manage Your Citations - Intro to RefWorks, Mendeley, Zotero, and other tools for tracking the articles you find and generating bibliographies quickly and easily!  Also, tip sheets for APA citation format.

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