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Global Information Resources: Introduction

This library research guide will help students enrolled in CGIS programs learn about their host countries and prepare for their Global intercultural experiences.



Welcome CGIS students!

The University Library offers a full range of resources that can help you prepare for your trip abroad.

In this research guide, you'll find language learning resources and links to websites and databases you can use to find valuable information about your host country. 

Assignment Information

Assignment - Due March 21, 2013

Write a 2 page paper responding to the following prompts: 

  • Research the concepts of “individualism” and “collectivism”. Where does the culture of the country you are going to fall on the individualism spectrum (low, moderate, or high) and the collectivism spectrum (low, moderate, or high)? Please give examples to explain your reasoning.


  • Is the communication style that is most prevalent in the country you will be going to “higher or lower context” communication? Do you think your communication style is higher or lower context?  Provide examples of how you think this will impact how you engage with the local community.  What is the importance of understanding different communication styles before you participate in your global experience?

Assignment Resources

    Library Session Evaluation Form

Library Session Evaluation Form

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