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Psycholinguistics Lab

Links to resources of interest to the Psychology 349/ Linguistics 347, Talking Minds, a Psycholinguistics Lab at UM

About PubMed


PubMed is the preeminent source for articles in the medical field. It indexes over 4,000 biomedical, nursing, dentistry and related journals, with over 15 million citations in MEDLINE, PreMEDLINE and related databases.

PubMed uses a set of standardized medical indexing terms.  When you put in your search, PubMed translates your terms into its own indexing terms and finds matching results.

PubMed Resources

Access PubMed with MGet It links here or from the THL website.

For online tutorials from the National Library of Medicine, click here.

For help using the Single Citation Matcher to verify citations, watch this video from the Yale Medical Library.

MyNCBI Tutorials (Taubman Health Sciences Library)

MyNCBI, pt 1. Creating an Account & Saving Searches.  video

MyNCBI, pt 2. Creating Collections.  video

MyNCBI, pt 3. Using Filters.  video

MyNCBI, pt 4. Using Preferences.  video

Searching PubMed (National Library of Medicine)

Simple Subject Search.  video

Searching with the MeSH database.  video

Combining MeSH terms.  video

Applying Subheadings and other features of the MeSH database.  video

For additional PubMed videos, please click here.

Exporting results in special formats

Click the question for step-by-step instructions.

How do I save PubMed search results in .CSV format using FLink?