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Psycholinguistics Lab

Links to resources of interest to the Psychology 349/ Linguistics 347, Talking Minds, a Psycholinguistics Lab at UM

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Never pay for an article you find online!!!  If you go to from your personal computer, you will probably be asked to PAY for journal articles. Don't do it!  

Access Google Scholar via the library's link, then validate yourself as a UM student. Do your search and you'll see "Availability at UMichigan" links in the results that will bring you to the articles FOR FREE!

Here's how the screen will look if you log in via the library:

See our guide to Academic Research with Google for advanced searching tips and more info on Google Scholar:

Web of Science

Web of Science

Web of Science searches the top journals in many disciplines.  It is a subscription database, so you need to search it through the library's site.  

Web of Science has many useful features:

  • You can search for articles that cite a known author or work
  • You can search by topic, then filter your results by topic, journal, year, or many other factors 
  • You can sort your results by relevance, date, or TIMES CITED - very useful for finding the most important or influential work on a subject.
  • Look for the MGetIt button which will bring you to the full text of the article (or a Mirlyn search for the print journal, or a request form for Interlibrary Loan).

NB: Web of Science searches the article title and sometimes the abstract; it does NOT have a specialized thesaurus like PsycINFO.  So, you may miss some articles if you only rely on WOS.