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Psycholinguistics Lab

Links to resources of interest to the Psychology 349/ Linguistics 347, Talking Minds, a Psycholinguistics Lab at UM

Specialized Encyclopedias

Getting Background Information

When you're starting research on a new topic, it can be helpful to get some background information first.  Two great sources are encyclopedia articles from specialized encyclopedias and literature reviews.  Both of these will help you determine the major theories that have been applied to the topic, the major strands of research that have been done, and the questions that are still being asked.

Specialized Encyclopedias

A specialized encyclopedia an be a great starting place for your research.  Encyclopedia articles can give an overview of the topic and provide a bibliography of the most important readings on the issue.  Here is the main encyclopedia for linguistics:

Finding Literature Reviews

Literature Reviews

The best way to find a literature review article in psychology is to search PsycINFO, limiting your results to Literature Reviews.

  • PsycINFO
    • Put your search terms in the search box at the top; try using the Thesaurus to select the best terms.
    • To limit your results to lit reviews, scroll down on the search page to the Methodology box.  Scroll within that box and select Literature Reviews.