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Islamic Manuscript Studies

Resources for the study of manuscripts produced in the Islamic world and the manuscript cultures they represent.

Selection of associations, research institutes and initiatives relevant to Islamic manuscript studies

The Islamic Manuscript Association (TIMA)

"The Islamic Manuscript Association is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting Islamic manuscript collections and supporting those who work with them. It was formed in response to the urgent need to address the poor preservation and inaccessibility of many Islamic manuscript collections around the world."

Al-Furqān Islamic Heritage Foundation 

UK-based cultural foundation whose mission is "To survey, preserve, study and publish the Islamic written heritage, as well as assist and promote the research in its fields."

Written Heritage Research Centre / (Markaz-i Pizhūhishī-i Mīrās̲-i Maktūb) مرکز پژوهشی میراث مکتوب  

"مرکز پژوهشی میراث مکتوب در سال 1372 ش به قصد حمایت از کوشش های محققان و مصححان و احیا و انتشار مهمترین آثار مکتوب فرهنگ و تمدن اسلامی و ایرانی با نام «دفتر نشر میراث مکتوب» با کمک وزارت فرهنگ و ارشاد اسلامی تأسیس شد..."

The Institute of Arabic Manuscripts / (Maʻhad al-Makhṭūṭāt al-ʻArabīyah) معهد المخطوطات العربية

"معهد المخطوطات العربية جهاز خدمات علمية متخصص من أجهزة المنظمة العربية للتربية والثقافة والعلوم (إحدى منظمات جامعة الدول العربية)، يُعنى بالتراث العربي المخطوط بمختلف أصعدته؛ جمعًا وإتاحةً، صيانةً وترميمًا، فهرسةً وتعريفًا، دراسةً وتوظيفًا."

Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies (COMSt)

"The program, scheduled for the years 2009-2014, aims at facilitating cross-cultural academic dialogue and active exchange in the field of Oriental manuscript studies with the focus on the Mediterranean and North African cultural areas....Not only specialists working in different cultural fields but also those dealing with different subdisciplines of manuscript studies will combine their expertise working in five internationally composed research teams 1: codicology and palaeography, 2: philology/text criticism, 3: digital approach to manuscript studies, 4: cataloguing, 5: manuscript preservation).
In a series of workshops, meetings and conferences, common approaches will be achieved that will serve as standard for contemporary and future Orientalists and manuscript scholars. Relevant by-products of the RNP will include a series of publications, digital databases and a textbook in Oriental manuscript studies. The aims set can only be achieved through a Europe-wide co-operation." 


Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures (CSMC), Universität Hamburg

"Based on the work of the DFG-Reasearch Group 963 - "Manuscript Cultures in Asia and Afrika" (2008-2011) the Centre for the Studies of Manuscript Cultures (CSMC) is engaged in fundamental research, investigating from both a historical and comparative perspective, based on material artifacts, the empirical diversity of manuscript cultures. It will establish a new paradigm that is distinct from the research on manuscripts undertaken until now, which has been limited in its approach by region and discipline. On one hand, the cultural dependency of what has usually been considered given will particularly be brought into question, and on the other hand, universal categories and characteristics of manuscript cultures will be delineated, as one possible result of the comparative research."

 (Markaz al-Dirāsāt wa-al-Abḥāth wa-Iḥyāʼ al-Turāthمركز الدراسات والأبحاث وإحياء التراث 

Center for Studies and Research and Heritage Revival-Morocco

"وضع هذا المركز منذ ميلاده مجموعة من الأهداف تتلخص في الآتي: يسعى المركز إلى تنشيط مجال البحث العلمي، والإسهام في الحفاظ على الخصوصيات الدينية والثقافية لبلادنا، من خلال الاهتمام بالمجالات المتصلة بإحياء التراث وتحقيق المخطوطات..."