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Library Research Guides

PSYCH 303: Research Methods in Psychology

Tools and techniques for finding information for Psychology 303, taught in Winter 2018 by Prof. Colleen Seifert

Browse Professional Societies

Browse Top-Ranked Psychology Journals

Here is a list of psychology journals with top-rated citation Impact Factors according to the Journal Citation Reports. You could also choose to consult Journal Citation Reports directly to look up additional recommended titles for specific sub-fields of psychology.

Note that "Review" journals generally publish literature review articles (not empirical articles). These can still be used for topic inspiration, or you can use the bibliography to identify an empirical article that was included in the literature review study.

Browse APA Journals

Browse via Citation Tracking

Did you find one interesting article, and want to find more like it?

Use the citation tracking strategy:

  • Track backwards: identify previously published related research (“cited references”) by using the article’s Bibliography
  • Track forwards: Identify research that builds from the article (“citations”) by looking for PlumX Metrics in PsycINFO or Times Cited in Google Scholar

If there is not a working hyperlink to the full text of a cited article, use the MGet It Citation Linker to connect to the full text.