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PSYCH 351: Advanced Lab in Developmental Psychology

Tools and techniques for finding information for Psychology 351

Start here: PsycTESTS



PsycTESTS, produced by the APA, provides detailed information about psychological tests and measurement instruments.  Most of the entries contain the full text of the test itself.  For the most part, the tests in PsycTESTS are "unpublished" tests that originally appeared in journal articles and were never released commercially.

You can search PsycTESTS by keyword, by test title or author, among many other options.  If you'd like to find a test on a topic, simply type your topic terms in the search box and leave the dropbox at "Select a field (optional)".  This will conduct the broadest search, including test title, subject, construct, and more.  (If you would prefer a more focused initial search, change the drop-down to SU Subject or CB Construct.)  You can add limits by Age Group, Permissions, and more. 

While the majority of the entries in PsycTESTS include the full text of the test, not all do so. The entries also include the affiliation and address for the author(s) so you might be able to get a copy of the test by contacting the author(s).



Additional helpful guides

For much more extensive information on finding tests, test reviews, and much more, please see this guide.  It was created by several librarians at UM.

Data Collection with Tests and Measures

Tests and measures are research instruments designed to collect data about subjects. These include psychological measures, scales, surveys, and other instruments.

For example, APA PsycTESTS covers the following subject areas and types of tests:

  • Developmental Measures
  • Scales for Beliefs, Relationships, or Expectancies
  • Aggression, Coping, or Functional Status Questionnaires
  • Racial and Ethnic Identity Scales
  • Resilience, Anger Response, or Substance Abuse Inventories
  • Physical Health Related Assessments
  • Personality Assessments
  • Educational Measures
  • Neuropsychological Assessments
  • Aptitude and Achievement Measures
  • Competency Measures
  • Occupational Measures
  • Intelligence Tests
  • Military Tests