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Library Research Guides

History 202: Doing History

A research guide for students in History 202: Doing History, the gateway seminar for history concentrators.

Finding out about a newspaper or magazine

It might take some digging to find information about the political slant or history of a particular newspaper or magazine. Here are some starting points:

  • The Library's Research Guide to finding the political slant of a newspaper or magazine. This guide also provides a link to a list of U.S. newspapers and magazines generally considered liberal or conservative (as well as blogs).
  • The World Press Encyclopedia: This source probably has the most detailed information on a news source's political slant, although it's not comprehensive. It gives overviews of the press situation in individual countries and also talks about individual papers, magazines, and other news outlets.
  • BBC Country Profiles: [Select a country, then click "media."] Each country profile provides information on the media in that country. The overview is fairly brief, but it gives some background on media conditions and level of censorship in that country. It also lists the major news outlets and gives basic information, such as whether it's state controlled or private. 
  • Ulrichsweb Global Serials Directory: This directory provides basic information such as owners/publishers, location, circulation, and readership (when available). It also tells you which databases index a periodical's articles.

The Library also collects print bibliographies that *may* have more detailed information on individual newspapers or magazines. These bibliographies may be arranged by topic or geographic region. To find them in the catalog, try the following search terms:

subject=name of country or region or topic
subject=newspapers OR media OR periodicals
subject=bibliographies OR indexes OR catalogs