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Library Research Guides

Musicology 139 - World Music

This guide is designed to give you a brief overview of some of the basic resources available from the Music Library to help you with your Musicology 139 world music assignment.

Creating Playlists

Smithsonian Global Sound allows you to create, share and save playlists. To get started, you must create an individual user account. One way to do this is by clicking Sign In in the upper right corner of the page. Once you do, select Create New Account.

When you've created an account, Smithsonian Global Sound provides instructions on how to create playlists and clips as well as tips on how to use other aspects of the resource.

One way to create a playlist is to find a recording that contains tracks you would like to add and click on the title or cover image to access the recording's information. Here you can select Playlist to add the whole recording. You can also add individual tracks by selecting those you want from the track listing (+ sign) and clicking on View List just above the waveform on the right.

If you choose the option to add individual tracks, you must click Playlist from the options menu on the left side of the page to create the playlist. You will then be prompted to give your playlist a name.

To listen to your playlist (in whole or in part), click the blue play button next to its title. By clicking Edit Playlist, you can change the title of your playlist, add a description, reorder tracks, change who can see the playlist and more. You must always sign in to your account to access your playlists in the future.

To add more tracks, follow the steps outlined above for creating a playlist. You will then be asked whether you would like to create a new playlist or add to an existing playlist.