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Library Research Guides

AMCULT/COMM 326: American Magazines (Howard)

This is a guide for researching American magazines.

Browsing the stacks--virtually

When you've found a book that suits your topic, it can be helpful to browse the books next to it on the shelf.  You can do this by going to the stacks--or by doing a virtual shelf search in Mirlyn.  

Here's how:

  1. Go to Mirlyn Classic
  2. Click "Browse" in the yellow band across the top
  3. Select "Call number begins with..." from the pull-down menu
  4. Type the call number of the book you've got into the search box. 
  5. When you hit "search," you will see a list of all the books next to that call number on the shelf (and this includes books that are checked out or at another campus library).
  6. You can move backward in the list by clicking "previous page"

Searching Mirlyn

When searching Mirlyn for books on American magazines, try the following subject terms:

·      Periodicals (You can combine this one with a lot of other term)

·      Magazine illustration

·      African American periodicals

·      Periodicals—publishing—United States—history

·      Feminism—periodicals

·      Women—periodicals

·      Fashion—periodicals

·      Magazine covers

·      Men’s magazines

·      press coverage

·      American periodicals

·      Advertising OR advertising copy

·      American Periodicals—directories

·      American Periodicals--bibliographies

·      You can also try the name of your magazine, or the editor, as a subject term and see if you get any results.