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Library Research Guides


Guide for ULAM faculty, fellows and residents to veterinary medicine resources.

eBook collections

Science Direct

Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine section - currently ~80 fulltext books including atlases, comparative anatomy, pathology, toxicology, radiology, pain management and more.

Wiley Online Library

Veterinary Medicine section contains ~220 books. Some textbooks and monographs, many with emphasis on clinical practice. Good resource for pharmacology, infectious disease, animal welfare and wellbeing, veterinary nursing. 


Springer International eBook Collection

Life Sciences > Animal Sciences content includes ~180 books

Veterinary Medicine content includes ~300 books




Selected eBooks

Swine in the laboratory: surgery, anesthesia, imaging and experimental techniques. (3rd edition). Swindle and Smith, eds. New - third edition (with contributions from Dr Myers and Dr Lester).