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POLSCI 326: American State Government: Home

Guide for Political Science 326, American State Government taught by Professor Jenna Bednar

Background Information

State Government Websites

State governments use their websites to describe their work.  State websites can be difficult to navigate, it helps to understand the structure.  If you need help with this try a Bluebook (see below).

State and Local Government on the Net

  • Over 11,000 links to state websites
  • Browsable by state and topic 

State Blue Books

Using Google to Search State Websites

You can restrict a Google search to a specific domain by adding site:domain.  Most states follow the [state name].gov domain convention but it's good to double check.  Here is an example of how I would search for foreclosure prevention information from the State of Michigan website.

Subject Guide

Catherine Morse
Government Information, Law and Political Science Librarian

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