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Library Research Guides

Women's Studies 315 / English 315

Supports the research needs of students currently enrolled in Women and Literature: Women's Studies 315 (WS315) / English 315 (ENG315).

Citing Sources

You will often need to use outside ideas and arguments when writing a research paper.

Providing a citation is a way to give authors of these sources credit for their work, while also giving credibility to your research.

Citations also give others the information they need to find the sources you used when creating your paper.

Citing your sources is an important part of research as it helps you avoid plagiarism and can strengthen your research.

Citation Styles

There are over 1000 citations styles available for scholarly research. Fortunately, your instructor has narrowed down the choices for you and requires that you use the MLA (Modern Language Association) citation style.

All types of styles require that you provide in-text citations and a bibliography.

For more information and some examples, click on the MLA tab above.