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Library Research Guides

Women's Studies 315 / English 315

Supports the research needs of students currently enrolled in Women and Literature: Women's Studies 315 (WS315) / English 315 (ENG315).

Mirlyn Examples

Finding good information that is also relevant requires using some skills to find information. These examples illustrate how to use some of these tools:

EXAMPLE #1: Basic Search

When doing a search using the words: body image (refer to the red arrow)

Gives you a total of 5,154 items (refer to the 2nd red arrow)

EXAMPLE #2: Using Quotations

However, change your search using quotations: "body image"

This gives you 851 items. Lower numbers means you won't be so overwhelmed. It also means you're probably looking at information which is more relevant to your topic.


Adding words to your search may not decrease the number of items you find. You must use and capitalize the word AND between the terms.

For example, try: women AND college AND "body image"

This gives you 40 items. These items should also be more relevant and should address all parts of your topic.

Example #1: Basic Search

Example #2: Using Quotations

Example #3: Using AND

Searching Tips

Use the following tools to help you search:


Put quotations " " around main ideas. For example, if you want to find information about body image, search for "body image".

(Example to the right)


Finding too much stuff? Separate words with a capitatlized AND. For example, if you want information about college women and body image issues, type into the box: women AND college AND "body image".

(Example to the right)


Not finding enough stuff? Separate words with a capitalized OR. For example, if you don't find much information about college women and body image,  but you could also use information about about adolescent girls, try: women OR girls AND adolescent OR college AND "body image".