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Library Research Guides

Program Evaluation

This guide is a collection of resources for faculty, students and researchers interested in program evaluation.

Learning R

R logo

R is a freely available, downloadable statistical software package especially useful for data analysis and graphical representation.


The library provides several online books on how to use R. Here are just a few:

Kabacoff, R. (2011). R in Action: data analysis and graphics with R. Shelter Island, NY: Manning.


Everitt, B., Hothorn, T. (2011). An Introduction to Applied Multivariate Analysis with R. New York, NY: Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.


Teetor, P. (2011). R cookbook. Beijing: O'Reilly.


Muenchen, R. A. (2011). R for SAS and SPSS Users. New York, NY: Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.



To find more books on R from the library use the advanced search option for the library catalog, Mirlyn then search the word statistics in the subject field and "R" in the title field.


screen shot of mirlyn search  

The R project web site also has a number of manuals for learning and using the R program. 


Additional Help with SPSS & Statistics

Resources for Learning SPSS

There are several ways to find tutorials on using SPSS. 

  1. University of Michigan computers with SPSS loaded have how-to tutorials available within the program. You can access this program on your own computer by using Virtual Sites. With Virtual Sites you can remotely use software which is installed on Campus Computer Sites computers on your own Mac or PC. 

    Once you have logged in to a remote desktop open the start menu, search for SPSS and select IBM SPSS Statistics 19 from the start menu. Once the program opens you will be given the option to run the tutorial. 

screen shot of opening screen for SPSS


    1. Use from computers in the Scholarspace, on the second floor of Hatcher Graduate Library or  GroundWorks, in the Duderstadt Center on North Campus to access a detailed SPSS tutorial by Barton Poulson, called SPSS Statistical Essentials Training. Because of limited licensing, is only available from computers at these locations. You will not be able to use SITES computers or your own personal computer. 

      Note: I recently found this ad online which provides for free access to this same SPSS tutorial offered by, provided you fill in an online form. I tried it and could access some of the tutorial but the version accessible from library computers seems much more detailed and easier to use.  




    1. Here are links to online books how-to books on SPSS from Safari Tech Books or Springer Link, two of our e-book resources.