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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013

This guide covers the basic tools in PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 and offers some information about designing good PowerPoint slides.

Creating a Photo Album

If you would like to create a slide show just of pictures or have a section of your presentation just be pictures, you can use the Photo Album tool to create slides.

  1. Go to the Insert Ribbon, click on the Photo Album icon and choose New Photo Album….
  2. Below the text Insert picture from:, click on the File/Disk… button to choose your images.
  3. Select your images using the Shift key (contiguous) or Control key (non-contiguous) to select multiple files and then click Insert.
  4. Notice that the list in the Pictures in album: is alphabetical – you can change the order by using the up and down arrows at bottom of that list.
  5. In the Album Layout section, choose how many images you would like per slide with the Picture Layout: pulldown and if you’d like a Frame shape. Click on the Create button, and the slides will be created. Note that even if you choose this option while in a presentation, a new presentation is created with the new slides. You can then copy and paste them into your original presentation.
  6. Further changes can be made by clicking on the Photo Album icon and choosing Edit Photo Album… or by selecting the image and modifying it as described on the previous page.