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Graduate Student's Guide to Publishing

Tips on how to get your work published in a variety of formats.

Establishing a Professional Presence Online

Publishing helps you establish a professional identity. To promote and support your publication efforts (and perhaps your future chances on the job market), you should consider establishing a professional online presence, which might include:

  • Twitter account for connecting with fellow scholars in your field
  • Website and/or blog as a home for your CV, information about your research and teaching, and links to your publication(s) and service activities
  • Profiles on social networking sites relevant to your discipline (e.g. Mendeley,, etc.)

Sharing your research online via social networks or blogging can help you get more readers for your work and help you connect with peers in your field. For more information about the benefits of social networks and blogging, and how to share your work effectively, take a look at these resources.

Tools for Creating Your Own Site

If you are creating content for your own website, using a word processor like Microsoft Word can cause problems. A text editor like TextWrangler (for Mac) or Notepad++ (for Windows) is a much better tool for the job, and will help you use many of the other tools mentioned below.