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PSYCH 120: Gender, Emotion, and the Self: Introduction

Key information resources and strategies for Psychology 120 students, as presented to Prof. Carla Grayson's Winter 2015 course

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Welcome to MLibrary

Today's library lab will give you an opportunity to learn searching techniques that will help you to complete your literature review. During the lab, we will:

  • learn how to get background information on a topic
  • learn advanced searching skills using specialized library resources
  • identify criteria for evaluating quality in the materials you find

After today's lab session, please feel free to ask for help at the reference desks at Shapiro Undergrad Library or the Hatcher Graduate Library, via the Ask a Librarian instant messaging service, or direct your questions to the Psychology Librarian (Susan Turkel).


Research Paper: Literature Search component

  • Find 10 relevant scholarly references, with abstracts.
  • Most of your references should be articles in psychology journals
  • You may use one book chapter, and no more than a handful of articles in other disciplines.
  • If you identify an interesting dissertation, feel free to take a look at it.  It cannot count as one of your ten references.

For more detailed information, consult the Research Project guidelines located on CTools.

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