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Materials Collection: Getting Started

A guide to the University of Michigan collection of materials samples meant to inspire the creative process.

News in the Materials World

Keep up with the Latest Materials News!

Material Properties

For data on materials properties (hardness, density, thermal conductivity, tensile strength, etc.), try ASM Handbooks and/or Knovel:Engineering and Scientific Reference Resources

About the AAEL Materials Collection

Photo of a portion of the materials collection.

Stop by the Art, Architecture & Engineering Library to see and touch materials for creative inspiration.  Our in-house collection consists of samples of more than 550 materials, a selected subset of the over 7,500 materials found in the Material ConneXion® database, as well as materials we purchase. 

The 2015 collection from Material ConneXion is now on display. Material ConneXion® is a leading global platform for innovative and sustainable materials used in design, building and manufacturing.  Our materials are housed in room 2420 on the east side of the second floor of the Art, Architecture and Engineering Library. This collection is available for in-house use to any university faculty, staff, or student.  Please stop by to see and touch the materials!

Material ConneXion Database

The Material ConneXion® database offers a knowledge base with an eclectic collection of over 6,500 innovative materials and processes. The database is updated regularly and frequently with materials juried by a panel of material specialists. Coverage includes all disciplines of design development with the largest selection of sustainable materials and the only Cradle to Cradle materials library in the world.

Product Information on the Web for Building and Designing