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Geospatial Data Resources

for SNRE 531

Frequently Used Michigan Data Sources

Michigan Geographic Data Library (MIGDL)

Maintained by the state government of Michigan.

Start by theme (topic) or geographic extent (county, state, watershed or school district).

Files you download will be either .zip files or self-unpacking .exe files.

Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG)

The Map Catalog section provides some GIS data for download. Some layers are only available as PDFs.

City of Ann Arbor

The City of Ann Arbor provides both interactive maps, static maps (PDFs) and spatial data resources from its Ann Arbor Geographic Information System (AAGIS).

City of Ann Arbor GIS data specifically:

City of Detroit

Pretty old data for Detroit

Detroit Parcel Survey

is available through SAND at the Clark Library - email for more information.

Social Compact DrillDown

Interactive map that lets you look at lots of variables, including foreclosures by zip or census tract