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Library Research Guides


Guide to using Mirlyn, the University of Michigan Library Catalog.


Favorites allows you to save and organize citations you've found while searching in Mirlyn so that you can return to it later.

To save Favorites, log into your account and use the check boxes next to the items in your results list. Once you have checked the box next to one or more items, you should see this number reflected next to Selected items at the top of your search results. You then have the option of saving the items you've checked to your Favorites list. You can also view them as a list, email them to yourself or someone else, and export them to citation management programs like Refworks or EndNote.


Mirlyn Favorites Selected Items

If you change your mind about items you have saved, or want to add or remove tags, simply click on Favorites in the upper right corner of the screen to edit your saved items.

Organizing your Favorites

When you save citations to your Favorites, you have the opportunity to give them tags. These tags can help keep your Favorites organized, especially if you need to organize your citations for multiple projects throughout a semester. You are free to use whichever tags make sense to you, separating each tag with a comma.

Mirlyn Favorites dialog box where you may add descriptive tags.