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Spanish Civil War Materials in the Labadie Collection

Lists various primary sources (by format) which can be found in the Joseph A. Labadie Collection.

Collection History

Joseph A. Labadie Collection’s holdings on the Spanish Civil War (1936-39)

Books, pamphlets, and serials, together with ephemera (clippings, announcements, leaflets) were collected in source by the first Curator of the Labadie, Agnes Inglis, because of the participation of Spanish anarchists in national life before the War and their divided attitude toward the Loyalist government during the conflict. As the Communists gained a stronger hand in the Loyalist coalition, they were able to purge both the anarchists and dissident socialists and especially the Trotskyists. Inglis avidly documented these developments, obtaining material of the utmost rarity now. She also collected pamphlets and serials from other radical sources, such as the Communists themselves and the fellow-travelers, the liberal and labor proponents of interventions, and even occasionally adherents of the Nationalist cause. From 1939 on, Inglis documented the fate of refugees. Subsequent curators continued to acquire materials, adding substantially to the manuscripts (Lois and Charles Orr Papers, Abe and Selma Bluestein Papers, Emma Goldman Papers, Fausto Villar Esteban, etc.