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Finding Map Resources in Mirlyn

How to find maps, atlases, CD-ROMs, and other spatial resources in Mirlyn.


Mirlyn is the Library Catalog of the University of Michigan. It includes catalogs for the University Library, Bentley Historical Library and Clements Library at UM-Ann Arbor, and for the Thompson Library at UM-Flint.

Mirlyn Classic is the previous version of Mirlyn but is still updated and maintained with current titles and resources.

Available to all users.

Search Tools

Search Tools is a customizable portal to U-M Library databases, indexes, networked electronic resources, e-journals, web resources and catalogs. To search by subject choose a category - "social sciences" and sub-category "geography and maps" or category "science" and sub-category - "natural resources and environment".

UM Access Only.


This research guide will help you find maps, atlases, CD-ROMs, and other spatial resources in Mirlyn. Library staff can also assist you in locating resources.

The following diagram shows where materials are located in the Map Library. Please ask staff to retrieve flat maps. Mirlyn records may include one of the following physical locations:

  • Map File Cabinets
  • Atlas Shelve
  • Book Shelves
  • Map Reference. 
Vertical Files
Map Cases
Map Reference

Advanced Searching

Keyword Limiting

Keyword limiting is a powerful tool in locating maps. Keywords may be limited by author, title, subject, or publication date.

In Mirlyn Classic, a period must precede and follow the field code. In Mirlyn, use the pull-down menus in the Advanced Search Form.

Mirlyn Classic
What you get:
subject .su. k=Michigan and Michigan [menu:keyword] maps [menu:subject] Michigan maps, including atlases, CD-ROMs, etc.
title .ti. k=Michigan.ti. 1989.dt1. Michigan [menu:title] 1989 [limit search by pub. yr] Title includes 'Michigan' and published in 1989
date .dt1. k=Germany 186?1.dt1. Germany 186?1.dt1. [menu: keyword] 'Germany' docs. published in the 1860s
format p.fmt. k=Michigan p.fmt.

Michigan [menu:keyword] where format is "maps"

ONLY documents that are classified as maps (no books that include maps, electronic resources, etc.)


Call Number Browsing

Browsing items near a particular call number may uncover additional hits. Pursue this strategy if you have one 'good' item, and want to retrieve similar documents.

Mirlyn Classic
Choose "call no. begins with" and type and the call number From the Simple Search Form, select the LC Call Number button, then type the call number
G 3201 .Q5 G 3201 .Q5