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Open Access

This research guide provides readers with a basic understanding of Open Access, which is broadly defined as content that is free to access and re-use.

Discounts for U-M Authors

If you are a U-M author, you will receive a discount through the publishers below. Be sure to view each publisher's list of publications to: 1) identify a journal in which you may want to publish; or 2) determine if your journal of interest is published by them.

Sources of Funding for APCs

At present, the University Library does not have a dedicated fund to support article processing charges (APCs), color figure fees, or other fees associated with the publication of scholarly journal articles. For faculty subject to these fees, we recommend pursuing the following sources of funding:

  • Grants and sponsored projects awards: Take publication costs into account when applying for funding, and write publication costs into your grant. If you are seeking to publish work that was previously funded, check with your funding agency to see if you can use funds to cover publication costs.
  • Individual funds (start-up funds, research accounts, special funds associated with appointments): Most faculty have funds available to them individually which can be used to cover travel, materials, equipment, publication costs, and other expenses associated with their work. Your academic unit might recommend (and in some cases require) that you expend these funds first before seeking additional funding at the level of your department or school/college.
  • Unit funds: Departments and schools/colleges offer research incentive funds. While policies vary by unit, publication costs are a generally accepted expense that can be covered using these funds. Consult your chair and/or associate dean(s) to learn more.
  • Special programs in your unit: Some units have unique opportunities for funding. For example, in LSA an application for the Associate Professor Support Fund could include publication charges as part of your budget. Consult your chair and/or associate dean(s) to learn more.

Local Support for U-M Students & Faculty

The library and the university provide support and information regarding Open Access. Take advantage of the resources and services below.